Case Studies

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Website:
  • Critical Need: Understand and visualize infrastructure and IT costs in hyper-growth mode
  • Key Impact: Accurate, cross-departmental visualization across a rapidly growing organization


Incorporated in 2001, Dyn is the worldwide Internet Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leader, powering Managed DNS and Email Delivery for more than four million enterprise, small business and personal users. With 25 data centers around the world and customers in over 242 countries, Dyn's commitment to customer relationships and engineering excellence shines every day.

Biggest Challenge

While the company is over 10 years old, Dyn's growth since 2009 has been unlike anything it had previously experienced. Since raising a $38M growth round from Northbridge partners in October 2012 Dyn has added over 500 enterprise clients and hired over 70 new employees. Put another way, Dyn is truly in hyper-growth mode.

While this certainly means that the infrastructure is rapidly scaling and expanding, Dyn's biggest internal challenge was the number of new headcount in both the Finance and Technical teams. They needed a tool to make sure their IT and Finance teams were on the same page … and one that would provide business continuity no matter how many new faces join (or leave) the organization over the next several years.


Dyn leaned heavily on Stackpop's White Glove service team to help them onboard and aggregate their global infrastructure contracts into the Stackpop platform. Stackpop's ICM product gave Dyn's head of operations, all the new finance team's employees, and even CEO Jeremy Hitchcock a dead-simple, accurate window into current and historical infrastructure spend. In a fast growing company, such as Dyn, the ability to understand and track infrastructure spending across all the various functional departments is key to its financial health