Case Studies

  • Industry: Enterprise IT
  • Website:
  • Critical Need: Cost effectively grow number of monitoring locations
  • Key Impact: Reduced costs, optimal pricing


Catchpoint provides real time analytics for end-to-end performance of internet services. Their website performance monitoring product gives customers multiple vantage points to better understand their performance and the factors impacting it. In order to increase real-time visibility, the number of these vantage points - in the form of data centers strategically placed around the world - is constantly growing.

Biggest Challenge

Due of his extensive infrastructure operations experience at DoubleClick, Catchpoint's CEO, Mehdi Daoudi, understood the dangers of quickly scaling a large infrastructure without spending significant time researching multiple options and accurately tracking the growing spend and associated contracts. He needed a product and team exactly like Stackpop's.


Since becoming a Stackpop customer, Catchpoint has turned up over 30 new POP's using the Stackpop infrastructure marketplace data and now manages the entire spend of their large, and rapidly expanding, global network using the ICM platform.

Catchpoint has already prevented several auto-renewals and highlighted numerous billing anomalies using their ICM dashboard and having access to the Stackpop team has given Mehdi and his team the confidence of knowing their IT infrastructure is always optimized.

"We have found Stackpop to be an incredible partner for Catchpoint, helping us as we grow internationally. They are truly disruptive and customer focused which is extremely refreshing in this industry. Their DNA, deep knowledge of the key players in each country, internet routing … is making them a formidable asset to Catchpoint. They are not a vendor but a true partner we are learning from them ourselves every day."

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-Founder